Tournaments and Events


Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava will host regular tournaments. Players will be able to compete against others in a structured and competitive environment than the standard Clan Territory Wars.
Tournaments will vary depending on the number of participating players. The stakes will be higher in Tournaments but the rewards will also be higher.
A percentage of profits made from Tournament Ticket NFTs will be sent to the tournament treasury to be distributed to the winning team(s).
Example tournament structures are listed below:
  • Singleplayer PvE leaderboards: There are 10 PvE battle arenas in the tournament. Each player will have one chance to play and compete in each arena. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest score wins.
  • PvP Elimination: There is 1 PvP battle arena mini-game in the tournament. Players will go into an elimination/knockout tournament where winners progress until there is only one player remaining.
  • 3v3 PvP Round-Robin. Teams of 3 players will compete in verified arenas against other players in a round-robin, with semi-finals and a grand final match.


Events will be held on Island Spaces.
Island Spaces will have increased attendance capacity as compared to regular Spaces.
Event Ticket NFTs will be required to enter any locked event as hosted by the event coordinator. A percentage of profits will be awarded to the event coordinator and the remaining be sent to the game treasury.
Event Spaces can be used for hosting events such as:
  • Fundraising events
  • Fandom events
  • Conferences and expos
  • Curated digital museum
  • Virtual concerts
  • Corporate events
  • Networking events
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