Other Collections

The Forgotten Spirit (TFS)

The TFS NFTs were airdropped to individuals as a means of appreciation and compensation for those who sent their ADA to the wrong wallet (a.k.a #walletgate) during the official launch of S1.
This collection represents the ghosts of the forgotten spirits that roam Ninava and are collectible pieces of a fractionalized NFT that collectively complete the map of Ninava.
Holders of TFS NFTs automatically go into a monthly raffle for an environment concept art NFT. This airdrop promotion will continue until at least the end of 2022.
The collection can now be bought via the secondary market on jpg.store and includes royalties to the ADA Ninjaz team of 2.5% per sale.
The Forgotton Spirit

Concept Art NFTs

This collection showcases concept design ideas, illustrations, time-lapses, animations, and other art.
Imagine owning an early character design of Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece series) by Eiichiro Oda (Japanese manga artist). The value of owning this would be priceless! That is why we've committed to bringing these types of collections to the Cardano blockchain so that one day someone can show the world that they owned the early and original sketches of the ADA Ninjaz!
All minted NFTs under this collection are raffled amongst holders of Seasons 1-3 NFTs and may sometimes include other policy IDs such as the TFS NFTs.
City of Asahi Environment Concept Art
Ashly Novak, Aramar Initiate Concept Art
Aramar Spirit Guardian Holos Concept Art
4/20 Piece Designed for Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici

Fan Art NFTs

Since project conception, we have seen many talented artists create fan art for the world of Ninava and ADA Ninjaz. We believe that talent needs to be recognized and as an appreciation to those artists, we've decided to mint their artwork (with their permissions) onto the Cardano blockchain and send it directly to their wallets.
Lady Josefine Fan Art as commissioned by community member META Dons Coyote

Manga-Comic NFTs

All released manga pages are and will continue to be minted as NFTs and airdropped to NFT holders via a random raffle.
A manga page from ADAn: Atsuko Origins
A manga page from ADAn: Aramar Origins