Arenas (Mini-Games)

It's all about the fun
Arena mini-games are where the core gameplay and action happen. It is where players go to test their skills and chase leaderboards. Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava will start off with a small number of arenas, and will continue to grow over time, especially when the game matures and the built arenas feature becomes available.

How it Works

When you enter the game lobby you will be presented with the map of Ninava. Each region will display a set of arena mini-games of which you can enter to play.
Arena mini-games cost Energy to play. Players without $NINJAZ and Ninjaz NFTs can only play a certain amount of arena mini-games per day.
Energy resets every 24 hours. If players want to continue playing arena mini-games, they will need to purchase more Energy in the Marketplace using $NINJAZ.
Regions are also categorized into themes, representing different gameplay styles.
Arena Type
PvE Battle Arena
Mini-games where the player battle against AI/environment
PvP Battle Arena
Mini-games where the player faces off against other players
Lucky Arena
Mini-games that are heavily luck/RNG-based.
Ladder Arena
Short mini-games that have players play through increased levels of difficulty.