Welcome to ADA Ninjaz

Dear Ninjaz fam,

Welcome to our multimedia entertainment universe. The ADA Ninjaz team has written this whitepaper (Ninjaz Scroll 2.0) to help guide you on all the different aspects of the ADA Ninjaz business and to share with you our journey and vision for the future.

We have and continue to deliver on plans in the following spaces:

  • NFTs;

  • Comics (Manga);

  • Gaming;

  • Music; and

  • Animation (Anime).

ADA Ninjaz is not just building NFTs, our vision is to be a multimedia and entertainment company that is highly interactive, story-focused, and community-driven.

We're building Intellectual Property (IP) around the world of Ninava and Ninjaz, for the long term.

Join us on this journey as we take you through the multiple facets of our multimedia and entertainment business.

Every day there is excitement within the ADA Ninjaz team to create for and with you, the ninjaz community. Let's go! Ikuzo!

Yours sincerely,

BladeZ and NinjaShaZ, a.k.a Tommy and Zushan

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