Game Story

Ninava and the Three Clans

The World of Ninava

Welcome to Ninava. It is the year 2034 AD and war has broken out once again. An ancient struggle has woven its way throughout our nation, its threads held by the three clans of Ninava: Aramar, Daisuke, and Atsuko.

The clans seek power, influence, and the rare supernatural element, Hoskinanium. This strange metal alone produces the unique abilities of each clan:

  • For the Aramar, a deep understanding of the intricacies of technology. It allows them to construct and control a vast array of Artificial Intelligence, advanced machinery, and superior weaponry.

  • For the Daisuke, the ability to commune with nature to a supernatural degree. The deep bond created provides them with influence over their natural surroundings, sway over the beasts of the forest and the field.

  • For the Atsuko, a veiled invitation to commune with the world beyond the grave. The double-edged gift grants them access to magic, secrets of those long past, and an intimate kinship with the shadows.

The stakes are high for all of Ninava. Which clan will come out victorious? How far will they go to defeat their enemies? What sacrifices will be made in this battle for dominance?

And what will your legacy be in the war of the clans?

Clan 1 - Aramar

The Aramar Clan are the self-appointed protectors of Ninava. Order, stability, and protection are their main focus.

Clan 2 - Daisuke

Splintered into nomadic groups of varying technological savvy, the Daisuke are the helpers and saviors of the land. Their goals revolve around nature and its nurture and ensuring the preservation and celebration of life.

Clan 3 - Atsuko

Branded as outlaws, the Atsuko are as secretive as they are dangerous. Rumors speak of their dabbling into black magic, necromancy, and even communication with the dead.

The Fourth

Two clans in one collection. What are they about? You'll find out soon enough...

Clan Territory Wars

The Territories of Ninava are numerous and eclectic, each with its own unique culture and commodities. In Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava, your clan must compete against the others in order to take control of these territories and gain the rare Hoskinanium- imbued relics: Hoskis.

Your mission will take you on a vast journey across Ninava to some of the wildest cities and landmarks in the country. The sheer cliffs of the Lakontey Mountains, the tropical paradise of Raya City, and the mighty falls of the sprawling metropolis, Den Storemur; embrace the natures of these varied lands and reap from them the Hoskis relics that are contained within.

The fate of Ninava rests in the hands of the clans. Will the Aramar gain control and finally rule this land with the fairness and judgment they desire?

Will the Daisuke inherit the authority of Ninava and utilize their influence to restore this land to the natural state in which it was created?

Will the Atsuko overpower all others and repair the veiled divide that exists between the living and the dead?

You must decide your place in this war. You must decide where to weigh your influence in order to affect the threads of destiny that have fallen upon these lands.

Your clan, your nation, and your destiny is calling for you. It is time for you to become the Ninja that Ninava needs.

For the Clan.

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