Season 2 - The Atsuko Clan

The Atsuko Clan

Branded as outlaws by the Ninavian government on behalf of the Aramar Clan, the Atsuko scatter in the shadows and into the night.
Called everything from Mafia to simple street thugs, the Atsuko are as secretive as they are dangerous.
Rumors speak of their dabbling into the dark arts, black magic, voodoo… even necromancy and communication with the dead.
Although most brush it off as simple tales to scare children, no-one really knows what the true underbelly of this clan holds

The Collection

The second collection of NFTs released was of the Atsuko Clan. S2 NFTs are a collection of 8,888 2D algorithmically generated profile picture style NFTs.
S2 launched on 4th February 2022 and sold out within 48 hours.
The collection can now be bought via t he secondary market on and includes royalties to the ADA Ninjaz team of 2.5% per sale.
Atsuko #3766
Atsuko #6204

Unique Utility

  • Double voting rights as it relates to lore and world creation.
  • Ninjaz: Shards of Ninvava in-game perks TBA.