Clan Territory Wars

Which clan will come up on top?
In Clan Territory Wars, clans battle it out to take control of as many Provinces as possible. The clan that takes control of the most number of Provinces at the end of each session wins.
Entry into Clan Territory Wars requires Clan Wars Ticket NFTs (more on this later).

The Raging Ninavan Clan War

Upon entering the game, players will be shown the map of Ninava, which has a total of 15 Provinces.
Inside each Province sits a set of arena mini-games that players must complete to earn Unity Points for their clan.
Taking control of an arena mini-game is calculated by the clan with the most Unity Points.
The clan with the most controlled regions will win and have $NINJAZ tokens distributed to them from the Territory Clan Wars Reward Pool.
Clan Territory Wars is seasonal and each season lasts a total of one month of which all arena mini-games reset to neutral Unity i.e. 33% controlled for each clan.

Tournament Province - Asahi

The Asahi Province will host all arena mini-games that get selected to be in the upcoming tournament. Players will get early access to practice and strategize the arena mini-games before the official start of the tournament.
Note: Only verified arena mini-games have the chance to be selected and included in tournaments.
For more information on Tournaments head over to Tournaments and Events.

Clan Headquarters

Each clan will have its own individual headquarters Spaces (Clan HQs) where clan members can mingle, plan, and coordinate their attack on the other clans. Clan HQs will act as small lobbies at first, with increased functionality over time.