Phase 0 - Alpha Gameplay

Bringing Fun First

Phase 0 for us is simple:
Build 'fun' first, scale complexity second.
Too many play-to-earn games spend all their time and resources trying to build the perfect tokenomics or building the emptiest of 'metaverses' before they consider building content for the users to interact.
That is why with Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava, we are building a fully playable alpha first, to seek direct feedback from the community on the 'fun' factor and/or playability of the game.
Then and only then will we start scaling game functionality such as the implementation of the $NINJAZ token, NFTs, multiplayer compatability, competitive tournaments, etc.

Phase 0 Key Milestones

  • Game login via Cardano Nami wallet
  • Basic web lobby with chat
  • Single player arenas (PvE)
  • Simple territory clan wars (Asynchronous PvP)
  • In-game virtual currency
  • In-game items and marketplace
  • View inventory and equip items
  • Leaderboards