Music Pass NFTs

The purpose of the ADA Ninjaz Music Pass NFTs is to increase our exposure to the wider music industry, with the intent of securing high-profile music artists. Achieving this means higher demand for artists to be involved in our future music singles. Hence, we have created a self-sustaining model.

Aramar Soundwaves Music Pass NFTs

The Aramar Soundwaves Music Pass NFT is a collection of 500 NFTs that gives holders unique benefits as it relates to all things ADA Ninjaz music.

The collection is split into two tiers:

  • Tier 1 - Cubs (470 total)

  • Tier 2 - Lions (30 total)

Utilities include:

  • Direct access to influence and participate in the production of all future soundtracks e.g. sing, narrate, perform, mix, etc and credits provided.

  • Chance to win: Ability to convert one of their Aramar NFTs into a unique 1of1 musical version NFT.

  • Whitelist access and discounts to all future Music Pass NFT drops.

  • Chance to win: Vinyl music postcards of the Aramar song that can be played using a vinyl record player.

  • Intimate FaceTime with the artists and music team.

Atsuko Artist NFTS

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