The Fourth

The premiere & main collection of the Dank Universe
Created following an NFT burn event (The Great Ninjaz War) where 6400 NFTs were burnt to create 1600 NFTs.
All burnt NFTs appear in the subfiles of each of The Fourth NFTs.
"The Fourth" NFTs will be stakeable, used to play in the Danketsu Missions, and receive airdrops/claims of $NINJAZ.
In Missions, you are united, the strongest, and the most feared. The harder the Mission, the more it excites you. Only you will be able to take on the fiercest of enemies.
Each of the Fourth includes a burn score, this is integral to the future of Danketsu Missions.
In late March or early April, you will be able to use $NINJAZ token to upgrade the art of your Fourth NFT, as created by our lead artist, Victor Warr.
The Clan Wars had been raging for months. Each of the three clans sent their best to march into battle to retrieve what was rightfully theirs.
All three of the Katana Shards missing, and each clan blamed the other. The base of the Lakontey Mountains became ground zero.
6,400 Ninjaz went into battle and regrettably, 4,800 died.
Of the 1,600 that survived, 800 clan members united under the banner of Adan Danketsu to become the Danketsu Clan, and 800 were swayed by enigmatic forces of evil and defected to the Scavengers led by The Girl.
Mint Date
14th September 2022
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