Daisuke Clan

The Nomads
The third collection of Danketsu.
Daisuke launched as 8888 NFTs.
After the Great NinjaZ burn, 2396 NFTs were removed from the collection.
"Daisuke" NFTs will be stakeable, used to play in the Danketsu Missions, and receive airdrops/claims of $NINJAZ.
In Missions, you are all but one with nature. The tougher the conditions, the more it suits you. The forest phoenix soars high in the sky, guiding you toward the right path. You are strongest when alone, and in groups, there is no condition or climate that you cant handle.
Splintered into nomadic groups of varying technological savvy, the Daisuke are the helpers and saviors of the land. Without any real internal structure, they follow an age-old tradition of “whoever stands next to the Prime Shaman when he falls is the one to take his place”.
Their goals revolve around nature and its nurture. Flora and fauna being their only true care, they shun larger modern society in all its ways.
Mint Date: 29 May 22
Mint Price: 48-60 ADA
Collection Size
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