Aramar Clan

The Guardians
The first collection of Danketsu.
Aramar launched as 8888 NFTs.
After the Great NinjaZ burn, 1636 NFTs were removed from the collection.
"Aramar" NFTs will be stakeable, used to play in the Danketsu Missions, and receive airdrops/claims of $NINJAZ.
In Missions, you are skilled and intelligent. There is no mission in which your tech cannot help you gain the 'extra' advantage. The prowess and bravery of the Aramar lion gives you strength to take on any journey.
Aptly nicknamed “The Guardians”, the Aramar Clan have the wellbeing of Ninava as a whole at heart. Taught to be noble and loyal to their cause, their highest focus is the protection of Asahi, the Ninavian capital city.
Their proficiency and expertise in cutting edge science and technology has made them a powerhouse in the worldwide market, putting Ninava on the forefront of international economic powers… and them on the cusp of full political power. Whether they try to reach for it, only time will tell.
Mint Date: 8 Oct 21
Mint Price: 58 ADA
Collection Size
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Aramar #2471
Aramar #5985