Meet the Dank Team
CEO and Co-Founder Tommy Bui
He has worked in government, real estate, and running his own start-ups. Tommy has specialised in strategic planning, business transformation, and project management. He is also an avid crypto day trader, anime fan, and enjoys CrossFit in his free time.
COO and Co-Founder Zushan Hashmi
He has worked across media, communications, strategic development, research, business development, and policy in the public service, academia, and via his own start-ups. Zushan is a huge bouldering fan, and amateur rapper, enjoys trading NFTs.
Chief Creative Officer Ignacio Durruty
A filmmaker, scriptwriter, and author. Ignacio is based in Germany, where he has directed, produced, and written several short films and music videos. Ignacio is a big heavy metal fan who loves playing Dungeons and Dragons.
Lead Artist Victor Hugo
A highly regarded artist in the Cardano ecosystem, Victor Hugo has sold multiple 1/1 art pieces via his project Art of Woman, collaborated with some of the biggest projects on Cardano, and recently come aboard the Danketsu team.
Tokenomist Kyle Bowman
An economist and programmer by trade, Kyle has worked in IT systems and has significant experience in the tokenomics of cryptocurrencies. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is the author of the book - “Paper Favors: True Currency”.
Community Manager Michael Phillips
The head of community development and management at Danketsu, Michael, popularly known as Vivid, also runs the Danketsu [NINJZ] Stakepool.
Backend Developer Raul Rosa
One of the most sought-after Plutus developers in the Cardano space, Raul is an expert in the space who has worked on a range of smart contracts in the Cardano ecosystem across NFTs, DeFi, and more.
Frontend Developer Alberto Biel
A front-end developer with multiple years of experience. He has worked with multiple projects on various blockchains to deliver their front-end/back-end integration.
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