Danketsu is a multimedia project, but at heart, we are a storytelling project. All of our produced content expands on the Danketsu universe and the world of Ninava.

In 2021-22 we introduced:

  • The different clans and shared some of their origin stories.

  • Our protagonist Adan Danketsu via our written screenplay ADAn: The Eye of Our Storm, Episode 1.

  • Our clan initiates Ashly, Aoife, and Denton, and interacted with them through our DnD style Clan Wars events.

  • The Forgotten Spirits, the ghosts of Ninava, who seek retribution or pardon for their wrongs.

In 2023, we will expand on the Dank universe by integrating it into Danketsu Missions. Complete Missions to find out how our story continues to unfold.

You can read all of our released stories and lore on our website here.

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