Atsuko Clan

The Outlaws

The second collection of Danketsu.

Atsuko launched as 8888 NFTs.

After the Great NinjaZ burn, 2368 NFTs were removed from the collection.

"Atsuko" NFTs will be stakeable, used to play in the Danketsu Missions, and receive airdrops/claims of $NINJAZ.

In Missions, you are stealthy, cunning, and deadly. There is no hidden treasure, no lockbox too difficult for your mastery to find and unlock. The Atsuko panther instills faith, even when things aren't going your way. Your spirit companions make easy work of stealing extra rewards.


Branded as outlaws by the Ninavian government on behalf of the Aramar Clan, the Atsuko scatter in the shadows and into the night. Called everything from Mafia to simple street thugs, the Atsuko are as secretive as they are dangerous.

Rumors speak of their dabbling into the dark arts, black magic, voodoo… even necromancy and communication with the dead. Although most brush it off as simple tales to scare children, no-one really knows what the true underbelly of this clan holds

Mint Date: 4 Feb 22

Mint Price: 48 ADA

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