Welcome to Danketsu

The Dankpaper 3.0

What is Danketsu?

Danketsu (formerly known as ADA Ninjaz) is a community-driven and gamified multimedia experience.
Previously, Danketsu delivered various products ranging from music and comics, to gaming and NFTs. With its rebrand, Danketsu is ready to take 2023 and the #DankFam by storm.
With the upcoming release of the $NINJAZ token, Danketsu will integrate its wealth of story, lore, NFTs, and music to build its pick-your-own-adventure gamification experience called "Danketsu Missions".
This gamified platform will be available on the Cardano blockchain and will evolve into a larger web-based RPG game over time.
Key Deliverables 21-23
  • The Great NinjaZ War which, included 6,400 NFTs burnt in Cardano’s largest lore-driven burn event.
  • Lore and story (found in Literature) via:
    • 350+ pages of high-quality comic
    • An 80-page light novel
    • 100+ pages of the Danketsu Wiki
    • A 30-page animated series episode 1 Screenplay
  • Five soundtracks (music) with 400,000+ streams and 8 artists onboarded onto the blockchain.
  • A playable MVP game titled “Ninjaz: Shards of Ninava”.
In 2023, Danketsu will continue to build its ecosystem via:
  • Releasing the $NINJAZ token.
  • Expanding the NINJZ stakepool offerings.
  • Scaling the Danketsu Missions platform.
  • Art evolution with lead artist, Victor Warr
  • Gamified music
  • The Danketsu Launchpad

Start your Journey

  • Learn about the Dank universe, the nation of Ninava, and read all of our released literature here.
  • Join our Discord server and introduce yourself!
  • Start your journey by pledging allegiance to one of the four main clans/collections (Aramar, Atsuko, Daisuke, and The Fourth). Holding an NFT from any of the main collections grants you access to the wider Danketsu ecosystem.
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